Legends of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Legends of Microbiology To Know

The German physician Robert Koch (1843-1910) donated so far to the area of microbiology and infectious diseases. A contemporary of Louis Pasteur, Koch was employed as a doctor nearly all of his lifetime.

He recognized the actively dividing cells and also the cells (spores) and improved methods for analyzing them out the body.


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Another fantastic donation, which microbiologists now can be grateful for, is creating a means to grow bacteria in pure culture Pall. After trying different media (potato pieces, gelatin( etc) he employed a cooking thickener (agar) that created a firm coating so the bacteria can be spread very thinly over the surface.

Why Microbiology Is Necessary?

The microorganism is spread so thinly that human organisms are separated from one another. Then later time, every individual organism could grow to form a visible colony out of its countless descendants.

Koch’s discovery of the way of preparing pure culture of bacteria enabled German microbiologists to progress well before microbiologists of both France and other countries who were using broth culture and consecutive dilutions to acquire a single receptor.

He’s also known for his work in Africa using Trypanosoma and tick-borne spirochetes.

However, what many believe his best participation in microbiology and infectious diseases is that his formula of four postulates which connect a specific organism with a particular disease.

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1. The particular causative agent has to be seen in every case of this disease.
2. The disease organism has to be isolated in pure culture.
3. Inoculation of a sample of this civilization to some healthy, vulnerable creature has to create the exact same disease.
4. The disease organism has to be recovered in the inoculated animal.

Implied in Koch’s postulates would be the 1 organism-one disease theory and it supplied the way of setting the germ theory of illness.


The My Money Forest Robert Koch had several other achievements in the area of microbiology and infectious diseases and has been well respected about the continents of Africa and Asia because of his job.

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